Word of the Day: Social Engineering

How White supremacy uses social engineering to actively discourage White women from paring with minority men

Come on man, you guys are being crazy/dramatic. There’s no evil conspiracy to keep Asian men from getting laid! It’s all our fault/our parents’ fault/our Asian culture’s fault. Who cares about stereotypes, we just need to prove them wrong and stop being so bitter!

Today, I’m going to teach y’all wtf “social engineering” is.

From good ol’ Wikipedia:

Social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups.

Hmmm, sound familiar?

Asian American Masculinity: A Review of the Literature

With limited opportunities for Asian men to create families with Asian women, politicians realized that Asian men might want to intermarry with White women, and therefore anti-miscegenation laws were created to revoke citizenship of any White woman who outmarried (Chua & Fujino, 1999; Espiritu, 1997; Takaki, 1990). The establishment of anti-immigration laws and anti-miscegenation laws were institutional forms of oppression faced by Asian men that limited the growth of families (Ancheta, 1998). Along with institutional barriers, cultural forms of oppression soon emerged (Okihiro, 1994).

In order to prevent miscegenation, the intermingling of races, from occurring, popular images of Asian men as sexually deviant, asexual, effeminate, or luring White women to their opium dens were created (J. Chan, 2001; Espiritu, 1997). The image of Asian Americans as exotic and foreign was further promoted by the growing popularity of mysticism in the early 1900s with the influx of South Asians looking to profit from offering “Eastern wisdom” to the Hollywood elite (Prashad, 2000). To further emasculate Asian men, employment opportunities were also limited in scope, consisting primarily of “feminine” work such as laundry, housekeeping, and cooking, which translated into restaurant work (Takaki, 1993).

Throughout the 1900s, stereotypical images of Asian American men were seen in cartoons, Broadway shows, film, and television shows (J. Chan, 2001; Espiritu, 1997; Okihiro, 1994). White actors put on “yellow face” and taped their eyes to appear Chinese or Japanese. The movie character Dr. Fu Manchu was an Oriental mastermind who typified the lack of heterosexuality and the Yellow Peril at the same time (Espiritu). The buck-toothed bumbling image of Asian American men could be seen in movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, while the nerdy, lustful image could be seen in Sixteen Candles (Wong, 1993). In the Broadway production M. Butterfly, the effeminate image of Asian American men became intertwined with issues of sexuality when the lead character was a cross-dressing Chinese male spy who falls in love with a British male spy (J. Chan). South Asian American men became equated with turbans, mystics, and quickie-marts in shows such as The Simpsons and the film The Guru (Joshi, n.d.; Prashad, 2000). The Joy Luck Club became a mainstream Asian American movie that had very few, if any, redeeming Asian and Asian American men (J. W. Chan, 1998). They were portrayed as misogynistic and cheap, and their Asian American women love interests turned to relationships with White men.

Huh, SOUNDS LIKE AN EVIL CONSPIRACY TO ME 🙂 Sure, miscegenation laws may have been repealed, but social engineering to construct Asian men as sexually undesirable still persists in America. WITNESS THE FACE OF EVIL

Matthew Moy as Han Lee on Two Broke Girls
Matthew Moy as Han Lee on Two Broke Girls

The idea of social engineering was brought to America in 1899, and was quickly adopted by White supremacy as a means of actively discouraging miscegenation by White women with minority men while encouraging all women to chase White men. Social engineering works because while a human being is a biological creature from birth, we are from then on shaped as a person through social influences (upbringing/socialization) and are, in that sense, social constructions. Orientation is not a social construction, but PREFERENCES ARE.

Some of you may be familiar with the Three Bears Effect, or the Goldilocks theory of race. This is one of the most well-known forms of negative social engineering towards minority men. See below:

The Three Bears Effect is the name given by Aiyo at the blog Black British Girl for how whites stereotype blacks and Asians as opposites while putting themselves in the middle as “just right” – like in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

For example, black men are stereotyped as having big penises but not much intelligence while Asian men are the other way round, leaving white men in the middle as “just right”.

It works so well in America that in most cases you can tell what the Asian stereotype will be by taking the opposite of the black one:

If blacks are cool, then Asians are nerdy.

If black women are disagreeable, overbearing and loud, then Asian women are sweet, submissive and quiet.

If blacks are lazy, then Asians are hard working.

If blacks have a lower IQ than whites, then Asians have a higher one.

If blacks have a higher poverty rate than whites, then Asians have a lower one.

If blacks have less education than whites, then Asians have more.

If black women are “mannish”, then Asian women are “ultra-feminine”.


The Goldilocks theory of race was first popularized in academic circles when researchers were trying to determine whether there was any truth to the myth that different races indeed possess different penis sizes (spoiler alert: there wasn’t). The idea that blacks are all hypermasculine, aggressive, dumb Mandingos while Asians are effeminate, passive, intelligent worker bees has a profound social impact because it highlights White men as the perfect ideal, irrespective of anything else.

How options are presented have a powerful influence on a person’s behavior. It could mean the difference between an absentminded professor saving enough money to retire or being broke and homeless at 65, or whether a girl decides to pick up your phone call versus that of her white neighbor’s. To learn more about how choices are framed matters, read Richard Thaler’s book Nudge.

What does all this mean? We are not taught the racist history of White America towards Asians in school, so many of us grow up completely ignorant to the malignant social forces at play. The idea that there’s a diabolical conspiracy to keep you from getting in a girl’s pants sounds ludicrous, BUT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT EXISTED IN THIS COUNTRY FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS. And while social engineering is not perfect because human beings do have free choice, we have much less choice than we think, which is why IN AGGREGATE, we do terribly.

The problem with being unaware of history and context is that you’re liable to come up with stupid fucking alternative explanations. This could range from relatively innocuous broscience like “oh, Asian parents are too strict, that’s why we can’t get girls” or some dangerous pseudo-scientific phrenological biotruths like “yeah, Asians just are shorter/rounder-faced/all look alike, and that’s the reason why”. Btw, according to the CDC, Hispanic males are statistically the shortest Americans on average at 67.1 inches, but do not suffer from the same interracial disparity in dating due to the comparative lack of social engineering against them versus Asians.

Now, what is the point of all this? Does this mean you will never get a girlfriend/wife or find a senpai to hold your hand? No, again, social engineering is not perfect, and it no longer has legal institutions behind it to enforce norms. But understand that the struggle is real, and that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

We are culturally oppressed in this country, that is a fact. When people call you “bitter”, they are unconsciously (or sometimes consciously!) revealing to you the extent to which they’ve been mindfucked by social engineering. Trying to do dumb shit like “break stereotype” in the hopes of acceptance is futile, because stereotypes are not just descriptive but PRESCRIPTIVE, i.e. a reflection of how mainstream society WANTS you to behave (Berdahl 2012).

That does NOT mean you should wallow in self-pity. Look the best you possibly can, put yourself out there, and find those outlier individuals/pockets where you’ll be accepted. But never forget that Asian men are under cultural siege in this country, and white society is not your friend, even if individuals may be sympathetic. If we continue to be blind to what is happening around us, we will forever be second class citizens in this country, so never lose your racial awareness or the sting of how much it hurts to be seen as a lesser human being because of the color of your skin. The unexamined life is not worth living.

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