3 thoughts on “TFML #82 The Rent Is Too Damn High

  1. Fivetigergenerals Reply

    Great Podcast guys. Thank you so much. I love it when you guys just shoot the shit

  2. Derek Reply

    What do the Democrats have in common with majority of Asians? Al is adamantly liberal and has in the past is for the “New Left”. And in this podcast, TFML #82 The Rent Is Too Damn High, he is saying “blacks have gotten a lot of farther.” And I am on Adam/Teen’s side. Not really, Al.

    President Clinton and President Obama have not addressed the amount of victims from black on black crimes or the disproportionate amount of black perpetrators. With 2002-2011, blacks had a 6.3 times higher homicide rate than white, yet make around 13% of the population.

    73% of blacks have children out of wedlock according to CNN’s reporter, Don Lemon. Meaning, there isn’t a traditional household for stability. And this was stated in Obama’s 2nd term.

    Again, Adam or Teen brought up the 73/20 ratio voted in favour of President Trump. Now Al, feel free to correct me, but you would say that is because, of some systemic white supremacy. Is that fair to say?
    Most Asians I know, are conservatives all due to the background of holding onto the beautiful notions of family and God. And being from the Philippines, I detest corrupt political dynasties and bloated government. Trump isn’t perfect, but it’s the local elections and state elections we pay attention to. Ever wonder why there are twice as many U.S. governors that are republicans and several in local offices?

    Now there are sizable 1.5 or 2nd generation Asian Americans I know who are liberals. Which is fine up to a point when 3rd wave feminism/ “New Left” tells them they are being oppressed in everything. Ex.) Abortion is okay, no matter the term, and the baby isn’t a baby. Mother’s feelings overturn the definition of being alive. Or that there is a wage gap because “Oppression”, not even a well thought out claim. Which is simply false by the way.

    So the point is: Republicans are imperfect. But the ideas of conservatism is far better than the “Far Left” has to offer. Less dependency of the state. Which is what alot of Asians strive for, independence and the good life. Actively playing victimhood isn’t admirable because all that energy trying to find a perpetrator and generalizing a whole group, adds up to little sum value. Morality and religions are intertwine with most Asians believe it or not.

    The “New Left” is all about silencing and drowning any opposing views with vitroil speech and reductionist name calling such as “Self hating Chan” or “cuck” just like the Alt right.

    What do the Democratic party offer? Or better yet what does liberalism have to offer or have in common with Asians that you could convince the 73?

    CNN Reporter, Don Lemon, stated that 73% of African American are borned out of wedlock. Back in 2013, when Obama was president.


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