TFML #7 – Seriously, We Love Capitalism

Al (u/Professor888) joins Kaku (u/Redsunblue) for a talk on:

– Asian Feminism,

– male/female group hierarchies,

– white supremacist capitalist patriarchy,

– mental colonization,

– hapas,

– Elliot Rodgers,

– whitesplaining on Fox News,

– privilege as access,

– force feeding red pills,

– racist Daredevil,

– putting restraints on your oppressors,

– Reddit civil war,

– Motivating emotions and mental energy,

– partying,

– PUA as a vehicle for racial awakening,

– our love for capitalism,

– for us by us,

– more mental colonization,

– Asian parents,

– turning chan,

– words that hurt.

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