TFML #61 Talking Terrace House — All Hail Yuto Handa

Jack, Qu, and Jay join Teen to praise and critically discuss Netflix’s reality television series ‘Terrace House.’  It’s an infectious show, for Asian and non-Asians alike, and much ink and pixel has been spilled about it.  We wanted to share our thoughts about what made it so fascinating, and to begin what is hopefully a series of future media criticism episodes which has been severely lacking in TFML.

2 thoughts on “TFML #61 Talking Terrace House — All Hail Yuto Handa

  1. Adric Reply

    I really enjoyed this review and insights of Terrace House. You really broke down the social aspects and gave me new points of view of this show.

  2. cristalle100 Reply

    Great points. That was very interesting re: Arman and the spectre of colorism. He did ask Riko a few times if she was scared of him. Overall entertaining post.

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