TFML #60 Racist Love

Jong, Tang, Al, and Teen debate Frank Chin and Jeffrey Paul Chan’s seminal essay, “Racist Love,” and its relevance in Trump’s America.  The essay can be found here:  We also plug Frank Chin’s “lost novel,” edited for publication by Calvin McMillin and available here:  This was one of our favorite episodes!

2 thoughts on “TFML #60 Racist Love

  1. Liz Reply

    Al really needs to let others have a chance to speak their mind. It’s hard to discuss these points when you have someone talking in all caps, if you know what I mean, and talking about how their views are the only views that matter and how they are right and others are wrong. Also, talking about how others don’t have “enough information” when he himself has a vocabulary of 50% LISTEN, 40% NO, and 10% wishy washy information/anecdotal evidence. I can’t even listen to the first 20 min of this podcast without getting a headache and getting extremely confused because others don’t even have the chance to fully explain themselves. It just takes away from the point of a discussion.

    • FiveAlive Post authorReply

      Lol — this is certainly not the first time we’ve received a comment like this. Much of the purpose of this pod is not really to be informative or even correct, but to provide a conversational example for how Asian American men actually talk IRL about politics, race, sex, art, etc… Part of that is dealing with different styles of speaking, and Al certainly is a uh… heavier-handed voice. I think the rest of us do clear out space to speak our mind. Apologies for the annoyance but it’s been a deliberate decision on our part to include conversations that aren’t always courteous or polite, because that is kind of what real talk is like.

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