TFML #55 Office Hours: Racial Identity and Psychological Well-Being

Tang and Jong explain to Teen an academic study of the impact of the level of racial and ethnic identification among Asian Americans and their psychological well being.  The study done was done by Derek Iwamoto and William Liu, and can be found at

2 thoughts on “TFML #55 Office Hours: Racial Identity and Psychological Well-Being

  1. Will Liu Reply

    This was an interesting discussion and very helpful to me, as a professor in psychology, to hear how others read this scholarship. The points you all made were valid concerns and critiques, especially about the racial identity model. I appreciate the candid discussion you had and it stimulated me to reconsider some of the aspects and findings from this study and how we could pursue follow-up studies. Thanks for sending this along to me. I’ll also send this link to my co-author.

    • FiveAlive Post authorReply

      Thanks Will, consistent with the last pod where we express a desire for an intellectual framework to help Asian Americans make sense of ourselves within American society, we felt papers like this are a kind of foundation that people like yourself have been spending their lives laying. So thanks and we greatly appreciate your listening. Please note you and Derek have an open invitation to come on the pod if it’s something you’d find fun.

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