TFML #54 The Missing Asian Intellectualism in the American Ethnostate

Al, Teen, and to some extent a variety of shouting Lambdabros argue for a culture of intellectualism among Asian Americans as a way of navigating and surviving the coming era of the White American Ethnostate.  To Teen, this is all potentially way, way worse than we the progressive media is allowing us to believe.

3 thoughts on “TFML #54 The Missing Asian Intellectualism in the American Ethnostate

  1. Ty Reply

    I am still listening Teen. Listening very intently actually! These Podcasts are hands down the most thought provoking public discussions happening in the Asian American community. A lot of the topics you, Al and Kaku have covered drive to the heart of the Asian American community and where it stands within American culture. It’s refreshing to hear discourse about ideas I have felt but never have never been able to verbalize either through ignorance or a lack of reference. Just wanted to say thanks!

  2. Steve Reply

    You want to understand the Alt right? Have me on your podcast we’ll have a civilized discussion and I’ll give you all the insight you want.

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