TFML #49 What We Talk About When We Talk About WMAF

Al, Xiaoyun, and Teen spend a Saturday afternoon talking about white men who date Asian chicks, talking real with black coworkers, sex in Silicon Valley, California futurism, and not correcting your fellow Asians.  A long one.

3 thoughts on “TFML #49 What We Talk About When We Talk About WMAF

  1. james Reply

    what is the science and research and data concerning white men and asian women that they’re referring to?
    the paper name?

  2. Serb Kebab Reply

    The Korean guy sounds seriously bitter about not getting laid. Reminiscent of Elliot Rodger. I find it ironic that he has such disdain for white people yet he speaks like a New Jersey guido (“bro, dude!”). You treat whites as a monolith without recognizing the obvious cultural differences between the Irish and the Polish, for example. For the record, I’m a white immigrant living in America who has no attraction to Asian girls. Never dated one, never will. I hope that makes you feel better.

    • FiveAlive Post authorReply

      Part of the purpose of this podcast is to bring public what private Asian American male conversations are like. It’s not always pretty and I think part of it is for us to get closer to the truth by talking in a semi-public forum. Thanks for the comment.

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