6 thoughts on “TFML #39 – Friday Night Fun with bigWOWO’s Byron Wong

  1. bigWOWO Reply

    Hey Kaku, Al, and Teen,

    Thanks for the podcast! I had a lot of fun. And I love the picture of the WOWO!Thank you for inviting me.

    I’ll post a link on my site to our podcast after Saturday. Right now, I’m trying to help fundraise for my friend Keon (The Minority Militant), who passed away last week at the age of 35 and will have his life celebration this weekend. His family is trying to raise money to send him off with a traditional Lao funeral. More info about Keon here (no pressure to give…just wanted to let you all know about this great American). He was as masculine as they come–shot from the hip and asked questions later. But he was sensitive and empathetic at the same time. Guys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be with him. I think your listeners would enjoy learning about Keon’s life and how much he achieved as a person. Listen to his podcast here (apologies for the quality…the technology was not as good in 2008!). And please spread the word. Help us remember Keon!

    Please put Teen in contact with me. I meant everything I said about getting together when he comes here.

    Also, someday let’s talk about fist fighting and violence. If it’s not too much to ask, someday (no pressure) let’s have an entire podcast to talk about violence and the history of violence. I think this is also generational. I was hoping to ask Kaku about his martial arts background, but we didn’t have time. I’m interested in what role violence plays in how we live as Americans today. (My theory is that even if we’re not violent today, violence comes in our genes.)

    Thanks again!

    • Kaku Post authorReply

      Thanks again for coming on the podcast!

      Sorry to hear about your friend, I’ll definitely give that conversation a listen.

      And of course I want to talk about violence! It’s been somewhat of a heated topic on the subreddit so it would be good to get some other perspectives (historical, biological, etc.) on it as well. Let’s keep in touch and make this happen.

      • bigWOWO Reply

        Sounds good, Kaku!

        By the way, if I may ask before the podcast (whenever it is), what martial arts do you do?

        • Kaku Post authorReply

          Currently BJJ, Muay Thai, and a bit of MMA. I also wrestled throughout high school and dabbled in Judo.

          • bigWOWO

            Oh, totally cool. I’ve mostly got a judo base, so we have something in common.

  2. Teen Reply

    See you on Portland. Started listening to the TMM pod last night. Sorry he passes, I will definitely contribute.

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