One thought on “TFML #38 – Role Models

  1. Teen Reply

    Al is the id, the inner brain, the survivor. We think of the id as the most ‘in-touch’ with our true nature, but also the least rational.

    Kaku is the super-ego, the neo-cortex, the better angel. We think of the super-ego as the most rational and humanistic, but also indecisive and alienated from the realities of the world.

    We aren’t human without both sides.

    In the current situation though, I will say Asian American men are way too fucking head-heavy. There’s too much super-ego going on, too much conformity, even-handedness. Not enough id, not enough survival instinct, not enough bass.

    Push the EQ’s and emphasize some bass. It starts with a realistic examination of just how fucking bad things are out there for us. That examination has to be by us, for us. Not Pew or the NAACP telling us wassup with Asian Americans. Not the sociologists publishing papers in mainstream journals.

    We need thinking, writing, and speaking that is not underwritten by powers beyond our influence.

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