TFML #18 – The AAPI Victory Fund w/ Varun Nikore

Al, Teen (a.k.a. 78fivealive), and Kaku talk with someone of actual political importance: Varun Nikore vice chair and head of strategy and operations of the AAPI Victory Fund, a SuperPAC focused on mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islander voters for the upcoming election cycle. 

In addition to agreeing to be on the podcast, Varun has set up a donation page for us over at ActBlue. 

This is a great chance to demonstrate that our community — the AsianMasculinity subreddit and Asian men at large — are to be taken seriously. Hillary and Bernie may not really do anything for you, but the thought of actually exercising our collective power in a positive direction should get you excited even if politics aren’t your thing.

Listen to what Varun has to say. If it sounds good to you, head over to our donation page and kick in a few bucks. 

Donation Page:

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