TFML #72 Fly The Friendly Skies

Adam, Kevin and Teen get an update from United Airlines on their re-accomodation techniques, and we try as hard as we can to avoid talking about Ghost In The Shell.


TFML #71 Jesus Ironfisting Christ

Franklin, Adam, and Teen talk about the shitshow of Iron Fist, the rapacious nature of show business, and why subject/object confusion plagues the Asian critique of Hollywood.


TFML #70 Catching Up With Varun

Varun, of the AAPI Victory Fund, and Teen discuss the Asian American voter turnout and results, the batshit insanity of the current administration, who we want to see run in …

matt damon

TFML #68 The Ideology of Matt Damon

Adam and Teen dissect the movie The Great Wall, why it’s absolutely a white savior, white male with Asian female romance of the simplest sort, and yet why it’s worth …


TFML #66 White Friends

Teen describes hanging out with white friends and talking to a white woman who wonders why a friend is bordering on dating Asian exclusively.


TFML #64 Ronny Chieng of The Daily Show

A well-needed breather from all this apocalyptic, who’s-gonna-save-your-soul? talk.  Justin, Teen, San Aung and Anto Chan talk to Ronny Chieng, The Daily Show correspondent and veteran stand-up comic, about the …


TFML #63 4:20 AM In The Back Of The House

A baked back-of-the-house conversation about white power bot armies, shout-outs to the /r/blackpeopletwitter mods, and why human rights are dangerous tricky things.  And, Al finally finds some calm.