TFML #63 4:20 AM In The Back Of The House

A baked back-of-the-house conversation about white power bot armies, shout-outs to the /r/blackpeopletwitter mods, and why human rights are dangerous tricky things.  And, Al finally finds some calm.


TFML #62 To UBI Or Not To UBI

Teen and Al take opposing sides on whether universal basic income and other progressive social welfare programs are a good thing for Asian Americans.  We do not reach agreement.


TFML #60 Racist Love

Jong, Tang, Al, and Teen debate Frank Chin and Jeffrey Paul Chan’s seminal essay, “Racist Love,” and its relevance in Trump’s America.  The essay can be found here: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~hist32/Hist33/chin%20Racist%20Love.pdf.  We …


TFML #58 Man Enough

Al, Teen, and Adam follow up on the last podcast about whether Asian Americans should serve a bridging role in the new America.  Teen talks about the America he saw …


TFML #56 Motormouth

Al and Teen catch up after Thanksgiving to talk about increasingly probing questions from white people, bottle service in Vegas, why Asian guys have to drop the TRP/PUA tip, and …